Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wild Self

Standing in front of me was the most peculiar, hideous and unknown creature.

He was looking rather confused through his lensless glasses.  One eye was upside down however the other eye was perfectly normal. His mouth and nose were covered with a tremendous elephant trunk like Lord Ganesh.  White fluffy, puffy ears were poking out of his fiery head. His hair looked like a blaze of fire raging on top of his scalp.

He was wearing a green T-shirt with a lightning flash symbol.  Orange and black Siberian tiger paws were placed out in front of him.  He had no feet but the bottom part of his body was that of a rattlesnake.  Pink and grey flamingo wings were curved around his body.

Suddenly he let out a  tremendous ROAR!!! Then he kept on roaring every once in a while.  He sounded like he was in terrible pain but I realised he alway does that.  While he was roaring he was moving back and forwards. You could faintly hear the slime getting stuck to his tail in the background.

Then………………… he rapidly ran away.  He might be unusual but he was unique and friendly.
Will I see him again?  Time will tell.

By Riha

New Zealand treasures

Hokey pokey ice cream,
freezing my brain
while watching our traditional rugby games.
New Zealand, Aotearoa,
land of the long white cloud,
far away and always proud.
As I watch the sunset over Rangitoto begin,
I feel the warmth heat up my skin.
Kia kaha, stay strong,
We are a great nation to belong!!!

By Riha

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Trip to Narsela Gudam

On an extremely sweltering moring Me (Riha), my Cousin (Lucky), my Mum (Anitha), my Aunty (Usha), and my two Uncles(Upender,Anil) set off to meet my grandma's brother in Narsela Gudam, a small village in India. It was a 2 hour drive. Lucky and I slept in the boot because there was no space on the actual seat.The boot of the car was so substantial that it felt like another room.The  ride took forever but eventually we made it to our destination. Right in front of Bhagatsingh Thathaya(grandad) house was an immense and cantankerous cow wacking its grotesque tail everywhere. At the entrance was a charming rangoli pattern. As I slowly entered inside,my eyes froze……...their front yard was so enormous that you could even do a gymnastics floor routine. Every one moved of to meet Mangathai ammamma, Bagathsingh thataya, Josna athaya and Sudir mama.    I noticed that in one corner Josna athayawas feeding her baby, Yashas. I am a huge baby lover. Without even thinking I ran over to them. As usual Lucky ran after me. Josna pini just finished feeding Yashas. I gently lifted yashas into my arms and walked around the front yard. From the corner of my eye, I could see all the women making food and all the men talking and lastly me, Lucky and yashas playing.

Monday, February 18, 2019

The task - To write a setting description about a place we visited in the holidays

My Grandma's Garden in India
My grandma's garden was like a forest.  Grey and black striped squirrels hustled each other up the immense mango tree that had just started to sprout. Rangoli patterns filled the surrounding landscape.  Designs made of special powder, called Mugu, were drawn on the ground as a type of welcome. Crows were singing their abhorrent songs. Muddy footprints of Sunny, our dog, were everywhere.  The appetising smell of chicken curry was coming out of the kitchen. I could hear the women of the house sweeping their outside areas with a special broom made of sticks, called a pullala chepuru. The sound of people lecturing at the nearby school could be faintly heard in the background.  Shrieking came from each and every corner when the students were released for their lunch break. I could see the eye catching kites dancing to the music of the wind. They were all colours of the rainbow and came in all shapes and sizes. The smell of agarbathies, scented sticks, filled the air.

A festive atmosphere had been created, full of excitement, culture and celebration.